Alan Campbell Sensei
7th Dan JKS

Our Chief Instructor Alan Campbell is also the Head of JKS England.  Key elements of Alan's distinguished career are  summarised below.

1978: Began training at Inverness Karate Club, reputedly one of the toughest in the country.

1984: Passed Shodan under the guidance of senior sensei in Scotland and regular visits by  Kato Sensei.

1989: Passed Nidan under Kato Sensei .

1990: Represented Scotland at JKA World Championships in Dubai.

1993: Represented GB and Scotland at JKA World Championships in South Africa.

1994: Passed Sandan under Asai Sensei  & Kato Sensei .
1995: Won Team Kumite at JKA European Championships.

1996: Selected for National Squad, JKA World Championships in Moscow.

1997: Left the JKA (GB)  and formed Seibukan Shotokan Karate Association (SSKA).

1998: Passed Yondan.

2002: Took a fully sponsored squad  to the FSKA World Championships in Las Vegas returning with 8 gold, 6 silver and 6 bronze medals.

2003: SSKA joins the JKS. Alan Sensei becomes the Chairman of the JKS GB & Ireland.

2004: Passed Godan under Asai Sensei.

2009: Passed Rokudan under Kagawa Shihan at the JKS Headquarters  in Japan.

2017: Passed Nanadan under Kagawa Shihan.